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Bing Ads – Jenjo Digital

Bing Ads

Reach customers looking for your business. Use the Bing Network to connect with an audience that searches 6 billion times a month.
  • Attract more customers
  • Reach the right people at the right time
  • Advertise locally or globally
  • Start with any budget
  • Stay in control of your budget

Bing Ads - Setup

Bing Ads Setup: Terms & Conditions
  • Setup will be considered complete once you receive the first click on your ads
  • There are many factors that contribute to the success of a Bing Ads campaign therefore we cannot commit to a specific number of sales/leads or conversions
  • Setup does not include any type of ad optimisation or management service
  • To initiate the setup you must have an active Bing Ads account with billing added
  • We are not able to help advertisers market gambling sites, adult sites, affiliate programs, work or make money from home programs, multilevel marketing (MLM) programs or any website who breach the Bing Ads Policies

Setup Add Ons

There are many different features that can be added to your Bing Ads campaign that have the potential to boost traffic to your website. Each add on has a unique purpose and it is important to know which ones might be relevant to you
Dynamic Search Ads
Dynamic Search Ads
Dynamic search ads look just like Expanded Text Ads, but they're automatically targeted to relevant search queries based on the content of your website, and are dynamically created to respond to these search queries.
$45.00 - Order Now
Shopping Advertising
Shopping Advertising
Bing Shopping Ads are used by eCommerce businesses that are selling products online. These ads appear in the search engine results, and typically drives traffic to your website at lower costs.
$45.00 - Order Now
App Promotion Ads
App Promotion Ads
Get your app in front of the right people. App Promotion ads are a simple way to promote your app to iOS or Android users on Bing. Promote your app by running ads across the entire Bing Ads Network.
$45.00 - Order Now
UET Tag Setup
UET Tag Setup
By creating one Universal Event Tracking (UET) tag and placing it across your website, Bing Ads will collect data that allows you to track conversion goals and target audiences with remarketing lists.
$45.00 - Order Now
Bing Ads Add Ons: Terms & Conditions
  • Setup Add Ons are features that can be purchased in addition to the Basic/Advanced Setup service
  • To apply for Bing Shopping Ads, you must have an approved Shopping Feed in the Bing Merchant Centre account.
  • The creation of a Bing Merchant Centre account and Shopping Feed/s are not included in the Basic or Advanced Setup product features. We can assist with the setup of these if required as an additional cost
  • We will send you the Universal Event Tracking (UET) tag for any Remarketing and Conversion Tracking features, the UET tag will need to be installed on your website (this usually requires the help of a web developer)
  • If you are using a WordPress website we can install the UET tag as per our Tag Setup Add On

Bing Ads - Management

Bing Ads Management: Terms & Conditions
  • To purchase Basic Ad Management, you need to purchase Basic Ad Setup first
  • To purchase Advance Ad Management, you need to purchase the Basic or Advance Ad Setup with at least on Setup Add On feature
  • There are many factors that contribute to the success of a Bing Ads campaign therefore we cannot commit to a specific number of sales/leads or conversions

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